Cinnamon’s diary


You are reading now my first blog post ever in this blog. I decided to call it Cinnamon’s beauty diary. Beauty is just a huge passion of mine, however I can tell You I am going to make here posts also about lifestyle, art, cooking, DIY for sure and about sporting as well . But my main content in this diary will surely be beauty oriented.

Why Cinnamon’s beauty diary? It was many good years ago when I was seeking for a nice username to some forum like website. If I remember correctly I was going through English dictionary to find username that is noun, cute and simple. Cinnamon it was. Ever since that I have been using this as username (or part of username) in all my social media accounts. I simply like it. So to make this beauty diary mine I  called it Cinnamon’s!


But who am I ? My actual name is Esther. Today  while writing it I am 20 years and about 2 months old. I am studying Special Education in  the university and I am also working. I am very open-minded and creative person. I like to do various of things, but for sure my favorite things to do are beauty related. I like to practice makeup, I love to shop for makeup, I enjoy to discuss about makeup, I adore to watch makeup tutorials on Youtube and I love to get inspired by wonderful makeup gurus. Makeup is art for me, and in general I am a lover of art. I have graduated art school as well. I adore painting and drawing. And English is my second language, I am from small county in the East of Europe. I am not so good at self introducing but I felt like it is necessary to say something about myself.

Lots of love, people!




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