One of favorite finds on Aliexpress


I arrived from university few hours earlier, made food for myself, ate and thought about what should I blog today. I have many makeup products, and many other topics that I want to tell You about but today I decided to share one of my favorite products that I have ordered from Aliexpress. I have been ordering a lot of cosmetics, clothes and accessories through years from that website, so I actually have couple of other favorite things as well. However, this one I got recently and that’s why I introduce it for You now.

I got this LouMes’i facial concealer and foundation (as they said in the description) without any expectations to be honest. It has been long time since I am struggling to find myself well covering and long lasting foundation. But I considered to give this LouMes’i one a try, mostly because of the package, because it is very cute in my opinion. And I love cute!


It looks extremely nice to me! I love when I have adorable cosmetics on my makeup table and people ask me where did I get it. Most of the cases, I got these on Aliexpress of course. And sometimes I like to try out cute looking cosmetics that I find on that website without any expectations on the quality. Then more happier I am when the quality is good as well! For this foundation the quality is good enough. I got it on sale for 4,50 euros and I am more satisfied with this one than the other one I got in the makeup store lately and cost me 20 euros.

To tell You more about this product’s quality, I say it covers really amazingly. The texture is smooth. I mostly use it as a concealer and it works very well. I also saw similar one on Aliexpress with light pink package which I plan to order soon. But I also have to mention it is quite tiny, personally I like small things, some people find it a downside – it is just a matter of personal choice.

But alright I am done for today, if You have any questions about this product or any other questions to me, then leave me a comment below. And also, if You want to You can leave a feedback or say anything You think about this post. I would be very grateful. I am going out for a joggning now because it is such a beautiful evening. Thank you for reading – it means me a lot!



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