Society is obsessed with makeup

Hi everyone,

Nowadays makeup plays huge role in a lot of women and girls life, basically. Doing makeup is everyday routine for most of the women. It’s completely normal to wear makeup, because it can boost your self-confidence, makeup in essence is an art and sometimes it is very fun to do. However, no one is born with makeup on and what I feel like – in today’s society people make normalization that all women are supposed wear makeup. Of course we are not supposed to wear makeup, would everyone say – but society shows it completely oppositely.

It also depends a lot about what channels you follow to, but generally in media people feature mostly with (heavy) makeup on. Sometimes they almost don’t look humanly at all anymore, it seems like there are no imperfections in their face, best example here are celebs surely. They always seem so fawless for us. We all want ideal face – with no redness, without annoying blackheads, without ugly pimples and acne. Makeup usually gives us a chance to cover this all up and act like we are almost perfect. A lot of people actually do it, even I do it a lot by myself, but my issue is that society nowadays has normalized makeup as natural feature of being woman.


Women who do not wear makeup apparently become “weird” in our society. But of course they are not weird! Personally I know a lot of girls who have prejudices on other girls who are “more natural” than the others. For a simple example; if there is a small group of girls together for x reason, and when new girl joins with this group and apparently she happens to be makeup-free then the other girls will start talking about her as someone strange or weird. This is all totally wrong, I know, but I am talking from my own experience. Women who do not wear makeup are often considered as lazy people who do not bother to take care of their look.

Nowaday’s society has created version of woman who wears makeup as a necessary part of being woman. Article titles using words like “shocking” when the article is all about photos of celebs without makeup, makes people feel: not wearing makeup should be something to be embarrassed about. Most of people daily do not think about it – because as long as there are readers for such articles they will be published. However, even celebs are humans and it is completely okay to be makeup free and show your natural face – it’s not shocking. The second example I want to give about my own experience again. Lately I was looking for a new job and when I read job advertisements I often noticed that job offers ask to send your photo with the CV. Of course, it is not necessarily makeup related – but makeup/ appearance – is mostly all that society cares about today. How qualified and educated you are, could be even secondary if you do not look good in the society standards.


Now I reached to this point where I want to explain what makeup means for me and what message I want to share with my personal beauty blog. For me makeup is never necessary but it’s just my own choice. I never would apply makeup just to fake the perfection. Firstly makeup for me is an art, a way I can be creative, a way how I can express myself. The fact that makeup gives me confidence is definitely important as well but comes secondary. I never judge people who choose not to wear makeup, and I do not want to turn my blog into a regular beauty blog where people can read about hella expensive brand new stuff reviews. Moreover, I do not have money for that anyways. I want to share that beauty is an art, and it’s  nothing paramount. I am seeking the balance in loving makeup as much as I do, but not getting too obsessed with it, I also want to emphasize the importance of true natural beauty. I do not want my readers to feel like makeup is urgent, I do not want to deepen the society understanding that being a woman means wearing makeup.

Thank you for reading!


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