Rock in vintage makeup [TIPS and FACTS]

Hello dear people!

I want to talk about my most MOST favorite makeup style ever! I really like vintage style in general and I simply adore makeup or fashion style in 50s. I totally think it was a golden age of makeup. Marilyn Monroe is what pops in Your mind, right! True, she was a legend.

Marilyn Monroe is actually one of my role-models in makeup. She was a true beauty. However, she wasn’t only one diamond back then. Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and many other Hollywood stars – they were all beauty icons in that decade, and big names are they even today. They were fashion and beauty icons for women around the world. Glamorous stars appeared on the big screen and in the magazines – women everywhere wanted to look like them.

In 1950s pastel colors ruled in makeup, pale pinks, greens, yellows and blues were very popular. It was the era of “face masks”. Back then the application of foundation needed to be quite thick, but as much as possible in natural shade of skin tone. Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor were top names of foundation creams. In lipsticks still red was a thing, but compared to 40s, women wore more of reddish, orange-red, pink-red or purple-red lipsticks – it all had to look good together with outfit. In that decade people were into minimal eye makeup look – just a little bit pastel colored eye shadow applied. But eyelashes on the other hand were very important – mascara was essential. Women usually wore black liquid eyeliner, the wing or cat eye effect became popular in the 1950s. Eyebrows tended to be more feminine natural and to finish up the makeup look, rosy or pastel blush were applied on the cheeks.


Grace Kelly

The 50s looks in fashionable nowadays as well. Have You tried vintage makeup yet? I did and I recommend everyone to try it out as well get, to inspired by the big names of 50s beauty above.It was very fun to create vintage makeup look, I enjoyed the progress a lot. Personally I am very much into red lipstick – I just love it! When I created my vintage makeup look I used Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick, which is basically my most favorite lipstick. It’s very long lasting, from my experience it lasts well for 10 hours for sure, it is quite smooch and feels soft on your lips. And since it’s honestly my number one lipstick I made swatch for you – so see with your own eye and judge if that’s necessary.


I also used lip pencil, You should do the same if You want Your lips to look perfectly correct and shaped. It’s okay to overdraw Your lip line a little-little bit to give them a better shape, even back to 50s beauties were using that trick. I used to mix white and grey eye shadow for my vintage makeup look, I used one of the most common and cheap eBay eye shadow palette. In the corner of my eyes I added highlighter.

Most difficult part for me was, of course, to create the cat eye look. Well, I seriously suggest to invest in high quality liquid eye liner. I have been working with the cheaper ones, and it’s quite bad struggle. I had got random eye liner from Shop Miss A, it was not the best, but could do that work still (after billions of hours spent in practicing). I am currently seeking for a NICE liquid eye liner, any recommendations? But if You don’t have eye liner, You can do the effect with black eye shadow as well, by using winged eye liner/brow brush. If You follow any beauty accounts on Social Media, probably You have noticed, that taping is pretty much a thing nowadays, when it comes about applying eye liner. Personally, I would rather suggest just to practice wing effect, and one day you will be master! I got my foundation and eyebrows done, applied a bit of blush – and here is my 50s inspired makeup look!


Oh yes, and do not forget about your outfit and hair (curls!!!)  if You really want to get the vintage inspired look. I got this dress from Mohito store,  I fell in love with it by the first moment I saw it – as much as I love vintage style! It’s red dress with white polka dots, as you can see, it totally makes me feel like I’m in my favorite decade whenever I am wearing that dress. Goddess, how much I love red color.


So in conclusion I would like to ask You, what’s Your favorite decade in makeup? Comment below.


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