My beauty corner

Hello dear people,

It’s been a bit since my last post was published – I have been extremely busy with work and university. But since I got this weekend off, first thing I do Saturday’s morning at 9 o’clock, is blogging. Today  I wanted to show you the part of my room that I personally adore the most – my beauty corner. I started making this corner in the summer and now it’s pretty much ready.

For a long time my dream was to buy myself proper makeup table. I was searching for it quite a long while to find perfect one, that would match with my room. It needed to be white, of course.


Yess, pink is totally my color! I adore pink sooo so much. Well this is exactly what my makeup corner looks, cute much, isn’t it? I keep cosmetic products that I often use on the table, storaged in small baskets/boxes. Some of the things that I do not much use or that does not look so great, I keep inside the drawer.

I really like this makeup-table mirror. Although I never realized that I am actually not much able to use this. As a short-sighted person who does not have contacts I need to use small mirror that I can hold nearby, anyway. I am planning to buy some lighting to put both of the sides of mirror. It would look very great I guess.


I like when everything is organized and storaged because I can’t stand any mess. I keep my lipsticks in this plastic lipstick holder,that I got from Aliexpress. I do not have so much lipsticks, so half of this holder is still empty. And from Aliexpress I also got those two pink brush holder boxes with butterflies, which are so adorable in my mind.  Oh, and Ice cream lamp is bought from Aliexpress as well. It’s cute and perfectly matches with my pink room – gives some pink lighting, but right now the battery is empty, I need to get new battaries for it. The House shaped shelf is bought from H&M and I try to storage there my most cutest makeup products and keep some of my nailpolishes there as well. At first when I bought it I was planning to storage there only nail polishes, but since I have most of China Glaze nail polishes, I realized they do not fit there.

I decorated my makeup corner with two frames that I had bought from the store called “Flying Tiger Copenhagen”, I removed the pictures that were in those frames and drew something makeup related for myself instead. I pretty much like them! Although if I had printer, most probably I would have printed something like that for the better quality. But self-made is more special :)!


How do you storage your cosmetics and makeup products?


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