Beauty product that won’t disappoint you

Hey there!

At first I thought to make a post about beauty products that won’t let you down but instead I decided to dedicate this article to just one product – Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Because I just feel like that I actually have a lot things to say about it and regarding to it. Yes, I know Naked 3 palette is nothing new in the makeup world, some of you may already have it and most of you maybe have already read couple of reviews about it.


However, if you still doubt about buying it, let me tell you that you won’t regret it. I bought mine actually couple of months ago and I was feeling a little bit confused about buying it. Yes, of course, I really much wanted to have it – but it was  quite expensive. Then I realized, it’s totally worth it. Because all the colors are very nice and with good pigmentation, there is two  sided brush inside and high quality mirror. I have used a lot of crappy and cheap eye shadow palettes (some are of course good as well maybe I will blog about them some day) in my life before and I doing my eye makeup got many many times easier with this palette. I even find time to get my eye makeup done early in the morning before leaving for work or university – because this palette makes it so easy for me. With some crappy products I usually had to apply many coats on, and if shadows were more powdery it tend to fall on my face and in the end of day I could look like a panda. Well what I want to say is: if you feel like you are not best in the makeup and you rather use cheaper products – invest in a good quality palette, it will make your life easier and the result will be way better.20161003_131814

The colors of this palette are pretty, you can create a lot of different looks with this palette. I also have my Naked 2 palette that I got already couple of years ago (at first I used it a lot but later not so much anymore) and I very much like Naked 3 colors better – the tones are warm and opportunities to create more looks, in my mind, there are more. Or maybe, I am just more creative I with these colors. I got done some swatches of my favorite shadows (like half of this palette) and from top to bottom they are called: strange (a bit badly visible on this photo), blackheart, burnout, trick, buzz, mugshot and nooner. And my most most most favorite shadow in this palette is “buzz”, is perfectly rosy, creamy and shimmery. If I have to pick out one that I don’t use so much it’s the shadow called “dust” because it is a bit powdery compared to others and the texture of it is not so smooch.


I have been using this palette very often since the day I got it and well it’s totally worth of it’s price!  Right now I am thinking of buying another eye shadow palette, but the beauty world is so big and it is very difficult to make decision: could it be too faced chocolate bar, kyle cosmetics, or maybe the balm…

What is your favorite high quality eyeshadow palette?


33 thoughts on “Beauty product that won’t disappoint you

  1. My youngest daughter actually just asked for this exact pallet for Christmas. I’m loving the colors too. I’m thinking it would work great for both her hazel and my green eyes. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. This is one of my favorite palettes, too. The price KILLS me, though. Fortunately, there are a few “hacks” on the market that are a big more affordable but offer very, very similar colors! – Crunchy Mama Sarah

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    1. Same here, I study in university and work part time, pay my rent and usually I am not able to afford myself such expensive quality things. But I got money for birthday and then I bought it 🙂 so if you get any chance then I really recommend 🙂 its worth of that money i never had such great palette!


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