October beauty finds

Hey, dear followes and other nice people,

It’s been a bit since I published my last post. I have been waiting to write new post for a while – I have couple of ideas for new posts, and many topics I want to talk about, however, my exams are coming up in the middle of October (neeeeext week already!), so you guys need to wait a little bit more! Last two weeks I have been busy with my university, I had to write many essays and because of that I did not find time to write anything here. But today I am finally back here and I want to share the beauty finds that I have got this month so far. Probably, these will be my only beauty finds this month, hehe! Maybe they are not the most interesting things to show, however, I have got a habit (quite annoying one) to get myself new makeup stuff every month. Sometimes I just buy cheaper things, that I feel like interested to give a try and these today are exactly such kind of products (expect the very last one)

Ingrid cosmetics finds


I randomly went so some makeup drugstore last Wednesday, since I had to wait for the bus. And well, looking around makeup store is best thing to do when I have to kill time. I had never seen Ingrid cosmetic products before, to be honest. However, I decided to give a try two of their products that I found. I did not have high expectations for these products, just let’s say it honestly – they were too cheap to expect anything really good. Nonetheless, one of things I really love is to try out different cosmetic products. And I picked this loose eye shadows,if I am completely honest, it traveled into my basked because of it’s cute package. Such a creative package, that I was not able to look away from this. And when I did some swatches in the store, I liked how pigmented the shadows were- it’s so sparkly. I already tried it on my eyes as well, and if it’s not really long lasting eye shadow originally, but with my Urban Decay primer it works well.


The second product, from the same brand, that I got was this blusher. Because, I am very much into blushes! And it’s lovely beachy shade. About quality I have to say the same – it is not long lasting, it won’t work nice, if you do not have any makeup spray or something. The colour itself is nice, but not so pigmented, although, it’s cute  yet small product that fits in every lady handbag.

Bella Oggi cosmetics


I got these two products from the brand called Bella Oggi Italia. This contouring kit is amazing. It has bronzing powder, blush and highlighter there. I really love it, blush has super cute shade and highlighter is very pigmented. This lipstick I also like, I wanted something that looks natural, and I am completely okay if it comes off from my lips, because it won’t look disaster like it happens when I wear my pink or red lipsticks.


And the last “found” that I wanted to show you is Yves Rocher shower gel. Well, that’s really not my beauty find in this month, but my grandmother gave me this and I really like it. I have used olive oil one before and I loved it. But this one smells like vanilla!! I have very sensitive skin but these showering gels really suit me anyway.


And for the really end, I show you the look I created with the new products. Used the Ingrid eye shadows and Bella Oggi lipstick. I added eye shadow on the Urban Decay primer to make it last for longer time and drew my eye line with simple black eye pencil and I even blended it a bit into the eye shadow. Sadly, I was too lazy to do contouring for this photo, but I have used the contouring kit couple of times, and it is my most favorite beauty find in this month surely!

What has been your favorite beauty found in October so far?

How often you usually buy new makeup?


5 thoughts on “October beauty finds

  1. what a great way to steer away from studying and exams than talk about make-up! the bourbon vanilla shower gel….i think i need to try that. all my shower gels are typically vanilla or coconut-y scented! yum!

    good luck on the exams!

    xo, JJ

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