It’s fall time

Hey there again!

Right now,it’s my absolute favorite time of the year. I love all seasons, but October time has been my favorite ever since I was a kid. I have been fallen in love with fall time coldness years ago already, however, I dislike winter coldness and I am afraid since it will be arriving very soon. For fall time, it’s completely different, days are still pretty warm because it is often sunny, the diversity of colors in autumn is unique. Yet, it makes me a little bit sad  because days, at least over here, are getting shorter and shorter and very soon weather is becoming really grim. Autumn is like the last smile of this year!

When I was younger I used to adore autumn as much as I do it nowadays. As a kid I loved to play in the rainwater, I loved to pick colorful maple leaves and enjoy how beautiful could simple leaves be. I have never been really summer enjoying person, in summer time I usually feel warm and lazy. Warm weather makes me feel sleepy and then I become lazy. However, I feel like autumn time has the right balance between cold and warm. When you have perfect clothing and it’s sunny day – it feels so right. Maybe, for some other people autumn is too cold already, but I enjoy it.

Since the weather is getting colder everyday now I need to take extra care of my skin, especially of my hand and facial skin. My skin generally is very sensitive, coldness usually tends to harm. It’s totally excluded nowadays, that I would leave home without any kind of cream in my handbag. Coldness usually makes my hands very  very dry, and often even red, so I need to use cream occasionally. I prefer to use body butters more than regular creams, they make my skin more smooth and soft. Liquid creams do not really work on me at all. I add here photo of my favorite body butters, they help me a lot to soften my skin turning these cold days. Besides, they smell really really good! Firstly, I got the raspberry one and I loved it so much, it made my skin super smooth, I also bought vanilla one. Every time I use these, I feel like I would eat myself up! They both smell excellent!


I see these fall inspired blog posts and videos everywhere all over the social media: fall inspired makeup, fall inspired outfits etc. They are usually very inspiring, indeed. I have to admit, yes I have put away my summer dresses, very colorful clothes and white pants as well. However, I do not really try to match with autumn colors anyhow, like some people are starting to wear more brownish and maroon colors when autumn starts. I still wear what I wear, even turning the summer I wear my brown trousers if I feel like. There are a lot of black and blue colors in my closet, there is a lot of pink too, you know. I do not really prefer to wear pink and light colors turning the fall. Even though, it is getting cold, I still like to wear dresses. I adore dresses a lot, and for fall I just pick the darker dresses (they are not all black in essence) in my closet. Not always of course.

Turning the fall I still stick on my daily makeup as well. My Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is saying all about it – I do my every day makeup with this palette but probably I will blog about in  future. So, fall time usually do not bring any changes in my makeup routine. But still I have one Urban Decay (revolution lipstick, in a color Shame) lipstick that has pretty dark purple reddish tone, I didn’t much wear it in the summer time, because it seemed too dreary for the summer. I have started to use it more when autumn stared and I feel it is the nice color for fall time, so I thought to brought it up here. Yep, and I have to mention – I am pretty Urban Decay biased when it comes about makeup even though I have very few of their products.


I also feel more active turning the fall, I am not sure why but I guess it is related to the summer time laziness as well. For example, I am more motivated to go for jogging in the evenings, because it is not so warm and it feels way better. Mornings over here are chilly already, and I am not sure how long these nice autumn days will last, so I will try to take as much of it as possible right now. I am spending my time outside as much as I can, and you should do the same! Enjoy the weather until it’s nice!


Thank you for reading!

What are your autumn time habits?


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