Bye October, hello November!

Hey there!

It is the last day of October and I wasn’t able to make many blog post this month, so I decided to tell you here, how did October go for me! In couple of days I plan doing October favorites post as well – just need to click some more photos for it!

First of all, I reached 50 followers this month and I want to thank you all who have followed my blog, commented or liked any post. It’s all very important for me! Last month, in September, when I made this blog first time, I had no idea if anyone would even be interested in reading it, I had no imagination how would people find my blog and if anyone is going to follow at all. I am very proud of this! You guys have left many likes and comments on my posts and it honestly means me a lot – Thank you nice people! I know, my blog is nowhere near perfect, but I am still glad out of here are some people who think my blog is worth of reading. As soon as I get some free time, I want to work on my blog a bit more, especially on design. I am newbie into this blogging world, and some time ago I had no idea where to start, but all I had was just a dream to have this blog where I can share my love for makeup and beauty. I thought a bit and then I ended up creating this one here. I am still learning how this blogging world actually works and what I really need to know about that.

As I started with positive note, I will go ahead with the negative part of October. It was a very busy  and tiring month for me, I had to go university and work all the time. Don’t get me  wrong – I like to study as well as I like my job. Although, the routine is getting tough and I feel lazy and tired lately a lot. I also had exams this month, I studied and they went well for me. But, I had driving exam and I failed in it – it is the biggest downside of whole October for me. It was third time for me already to fail driving test and I feel depressed about it. I feel like a flop when it comes about driving and I can’t stop regretting why I even once started with driving ed. But, I started, and now I really need to take my final exam in driving – I will give it a try again on 16th November and I have few driving practicing lessons on Friday. I already feel super nervous about it. Really, maybe driving is not for everybody…. But at least, my exams in university went well – I am still trying to be positive.

I have worked out well in October which is good though, I haven’t been lazy to go for jogging when I got time and I have been doing indoor exercises. But, sadly I have ate way too much chocolate as well. I have been stressing a lot and it makes me grab for chocolates – yep, chocoholic is talking here. November, by the way, is vegan challenge month – not sure how many of you have heard about that. However, I consider to take a part of the challenge. I feel like I need some motivation to avoid eating so much junk food(mostly chocolates, cookies or candies) all the time. I am pretty friendly with a lot of vegan food already – I like alternative milk, yogurt, cheese and other stuff a lot. So yeah, I am not sure about that yet but I will make November eating habits as vegan as possible. By the way, many products are actually very good, I really recommend to try out even if you are not interested in Veganism at all.

Well, in conclusion I want to say that I actually made this post just to thank people who are following me here. Once again, thank you! However, as like the other months, this October passed so quickly.

See you soon!


7 thoughts on “Bye October, hello November!

  1. congrats on 50 followers from one chocolate-holic to another 🙂 i just can’t contain myself esp when halloween candy is out! Also, dont be discouraged over your driving test- you WILL inevitably get it so no worries- practice makes perfect!

    xo, JJ

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