October favorites


November has been finally started and although, already October was pretty cold for us, November over here started with a snow. I woke up today in the morning and I was very surprised, when I saw it’s snowing when I was looking out of the window. Isn’t it a bit early this year? So it’s finally time to do my very last October post – October favorites.



I got this cute and furry hoodie in the start of October already. And it has been a true friend whole month turning those cold days. I am already into clothes with ears and it is soo soft, so when I saw it – I knew I have to buy it. I tried on the grey one, I was scared to buy white one at first, thinking it will easily get ruined but it looked so much cuter on me than the grey colored one.  This lipstick is my October favorite too, although I bought it couple of months ago already – I talked about it in my It’s Fall Time blog post.


Pink slippers! In those cold days I always-always wear slippers to keep my feet warm. Those are also like super soft and look how cute! I did not necessary need those because I already have pairs of slippers but the old ones are not even half soft and adorable like these right here.


I also like candles a lot and I found this pink one is matching with my room so perfectly – that I can’t help it to become one of my October favorites. Candles usually make nice environment in the room and I really enjoy that. I used to light a lot of candles every time turning the winters, sometimes candle smell even brings me some old memories. This one is just perfectly  fitting in my room that I am even afraid to “waste” it.


Another thing that I absolutely love is this again pink light chain.When the weather is grim, it’s already dark at 4 pm – these butterfly lights bring me some lovely atmosphere in my room. A lot of people put such kind of chains up for winter/Christmas  time (just not with butterflies I guess – I don’t have any other one though) and yes, it really makes your room feeling so cozy.


And the very last thing I want to show you are those adorable tiny glitter jars! I did not yet use this glitter anywhere but I places the jars on the shelf which is near my makeup table and they suit there so well. However, when I need some glitter now – they are there for me. They are very tiny though and I have a thing for miniature objects. They are so adorable!

Well guys, that was pretty much everything that I wanted to show you in my October Favorite posts – I hope you enjoyed it. I did not pick out any beauty products, although I got some new makeup products as well but I already talked about them few posts back. Thank you for reading!

If you live in the cold weather, how do you deal with the weather?

What were your favorite products/clothes/decors in October?



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