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Hey there, I was wondering to do something different today. Maybe this kind of post will tell more about me to my readers. This is not any makeup tag or anything, I just thought out few questions and Googled some of them to answer for you. I hope you enjoy it!

1.Which was my first makeup item?

Yes, I am pretty sure that I started using mascara as first makeup product. However, in the really start I had some drugstore eye shadow palette as well. It was very tiny with couple of  dark shades, I remember how I used the blue shadow. I was into black back then.

2.When did I start wearing makeup?

I think I was maybe 12 back then when I started using my mom’s mascara. I was around 13 or 14 when I bought my own beauty products. Well yeah, it’s not such an age, nowadays 12 years old girls are already masters in makeup. But I started wearing makeup daily just like couple of years ago, I was old school kid – haha.

3.What cosmetic brands I have always wanted to try but still haven’t yet?

I still haven’t tried anything from Too Faced, although it is one of my all time favorite brand. Haha! It isn’t just available over here and shipment would be too expensive if I order. I also would love to try Kyle Cosmetics.

4. My favorite high end brands?

Urban Decay is my first pick for sure! I am not even sure why but it’s my really favorite – I have been pleased with all the products that I have from Urban Decay. I am not sure how high end brand is the Balm Cosmetics (too lazy to Google), but it is definitely  good quality and quite expensive as well. I love couple of the Balm products that I have, their packages are very creative and cool. Also the Balm is cruelty-free brand!

5. My favorite drugstore brands?

NYX definitely, but I also like Bourjois and BeYu a lot. They usually are very good. Especially Bourjois liquid lipsticks are amazing.

6. Is there any kind of makeup I can’t leave the house without?

Well, I necessarily do not always have to wear makeup when I leave house. But most of the time I wear at least foundation and get my eyebrows done. But when I feel sick and tired, I can leave without wearing any kind of makeup as well – absolutely no problem. My lazy day makeup is – foundation, eyebrows and mascara. I usually feel quite uncomfortable if I leave house without getting my eyebrows done though.

7. What type of product I buy the most?

Definitely anything for lips- lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm – way too obsessed about them. But I also love to buy blushes and eyeliners.

8.If  I could only buy from one brand, which brand it would be?

I do not want to repeat myself, but.. It would be definitely Urban Decay!


9. Which brand’s packaging I like the most?

the Balm Cosmetics definitely, would be my first pick,I love their packages so much! Even though most of Korean cosmetics have such a cute packages, brands like Edute House, Tony Moly, Holika Holika and way more!

10. Do I use makeup base/primer for the eyes?

Yes, I use Urban Decay primers! At first I did not really thing it was necessary, but primers definitely are. After starting to use Urban Decay primer I can’t imagine to have my eye shadow done without primer

11. In what order I do my makeup?

It actually depends. But if I talk about full look – I firstly apply primer then I put on eye shadow and sometimes eyeliner, I curl and color my eyelashes. Then I usually get my eyebrows done, and start applying foundation, concealer and sometimes I contour and put some highlights too. For the last thing I line my lips and then apply lipstick.

12.Do I ever consider taking makeup classes?

Even though, you can learn doing makeup on YouTube. Loads of tutorials and videos are available there and for free. I still would like to take makeup classes and become certificated makeup artist – it’s one of my dreams.

13.What do I think of fake eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes can look good on some people, sure that. Even though, sometimes I feel uncomfortable when people have blonde hair, light eyebrows and very thick and dark fake eyelashes. Then it just looks way too fake. Personally I would only use the glued ones when I have photo shoot or something – otherwise no.

14. What makeup tools do I use in make up application?

I use different kind of makeup brushes mostly, but makeup sponges as well. Sometimes (rather rarely) I use tape as well when I get my eyes done. Some products I like to apply with my fingers. It really depends on the product and mood.

15.Do I prefer colorful or neural shades?

I actually prefer neutral tones,I really like rosy shades . However, sometimes I like to have fun with colors as well but usually I am not wearing any kind of colorful makeup when I leave home.

16.Do I think that I look good even without any makeup on?

It depends – if I have good hair day, if there is no redness or acne in my face then yes, even without makeup I feel pretty good looking. But sometimes when my skin looks bad I feel that nope, I look terrible without makeup. In general, I think makeup boots my self confidence a lot and makes me feel quite bad when I am not wearing it. But not always!

17. How much time I spend on doing my makeup (on average)?

I am pretty sure for my every day makeup I do not waste more time than 15 minutes. I do not wear eyeliner on my daily makeup, but usually some kind of eye shadow. Although, when I wear eyeliner too, and do my full completed look I guess I will take around 30 minutes to make it.

18. Do I have beauty budget or I spend freely?

Well, I actually don’t have any exact budget but it would be lie to say that I spend freely. Of course, there are some limits how much I can spend on makeup pre month. And trust me, it’s no where near how much I would want to spend *sobs*!

19.Why do I wear makeup?

Because I love to. I am such kind of person who is willing to wake up earlier to do my makeup because it is kind of motivation to me – I can do something I love. I feel that makeup makes me look better and I become more confident because of that.

20. Do I have beauty role model?

Few years ago I would have said that some YouTube beauty gurus were my role models. I discovered the beauty world with watching Bubzbeauty and Michelle Pahn videos mostly. But nowadays no. I do not have any beauty role model and I hardly ever watch any tutorial videos – I like to do my own experiment with makeup.


21. What is my favorite color in lipsticks?

My most most favorite color on lips is red. I am so obsessed with red lipsticks and enjoy wearing red on my lips a lot!

22. What sort of makeup look I like?

For every day I like to wear neutral makeup – some rosy or brownish eye shadow, probably red or pink lips. But I also like to experiment with makeup and I enjoy creating dark makeup, it’s a lot of fun to try smokey eye and cat eye look and put something dark like purple on my lips.



14 thoughts on “Questions and answers

  1. I’m meh about the Kylie Cosmetics, well at least her matte lip glosses… they dry the heck out of your lips. I bought like 4 of them when they first went live, perhaps she improved them since then, however I am eager to try her shawdow kit. The color tones she uses are all perfect (even the lip glosses). I honestly think that NYX has better lip products and stick to them, plus theyre much more affordable. But I’m with you, I’m such a lip gloss, blush, eyeliner buyer too- those 3 things i have the most of! Your all natural look is gorgeous, and hair is on point too!!!! This was such a good blog post idea! may have to snag it one day 🙂

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I see. I also know so many GOOD lipsticks for great price and it didn’t yet make me to buy Kyile lip glosses , NYX is just one of the example but there are more. But however its kinda about brand – want to own it and i am curious about that too.
      Thank you so much!! And I am glad you liked my post idea – feel free to use these questions and make your own post about it! 🙂
      Thank you for this comment ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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