November favorites

Hey there,

winter is here! November ended up so quickly, that I even barely found time to blog. I can’t even believe it is already December, it feels like yesterday when November just started. However, today I show you punch of things again, which I would like to call as my November favorites!


The first and most exiting thing I got this month is this butterfly brooch. I have been wanting to buy this one for such a long time and my mom got me this now. Which made me very very happy. I am glad that she picked it for me, because there are so many different color and styles of these butterfly brooches, that I literally would not be able to pick one. It’s perfect to wear on the shirt or dress collar just like a bow-tie. I have been wearing it so many times already turning this month. You can check out these butterflies on the website, they are handmade accessories made by Estonian designer. Although it is winter nowadays, and butterflies are more like spring thing, Kuma has made their winter 2016 collection and those butterflies look absolutely amazing. I also find them lovely gift for someone, who loves lovely accessories. I would get myself like 10 of these butterflies, because each of one is very unique and beautiful.


I have always really loved body sprays. Before, I used Victoria Secret’s Love Spell spray but once I run out of this I discovered that H&M is selling pretty awesome body sprays. I had Fruity Floral one before, which I bought couple of months ago and now I am also running out of this one. So, this month (oh wait it is already 1st of December, so last month) I bought this Pink Raspberry one and yes let’s be honest – I got it mostly, because it looks so cute. It is pink and sparkly, and with a bow! How lovely it looks on my makeup table – yes, I needed that! Actually, I am not disappointed in this product at all, the smell is very light and nice.


H&M sometimes really makes me to buy things just because they are so cute. Look at this cute owl lip balm. Isn’t that so lovely? I am very much obsessed with lip balms and I feel like I can never have too many of those. Besides, I am running out of lip balms very quickly.


I also bought two NYX products in November. I hasn’t ever before used anything from NYX, just because it was not available in my country before. But they recently came here and I already knew I want to get this very famous Jumbo eye pencil, which everyone are talking about how good it is. And a lot of Youtubers use it, I know, it is kind of old thing already. But as I said, I got NYX cosmetics in my hands first time and I have been waiting so long to buy this eye pencil. And no doubts, it is an amazing product! I also was sure that I want to get one of their lipsticks. I spent way too much time in the store, picking up the lipstick. There were many many colors I really liked and the prices for their lipsticks very affordable, so I ended up buying NYX liquid Suede lipstick in the shade called Sawy, because something like that I do not have. I think it is a very cute shade, I already wore it couple of times and I am pleased with it. I also liked Cherry skies from this collection, I think I am going to grab it in December.


For some time I have been searching for the new foundation, since I hated the Max Factor one I previously bought. I find it very hard to get myself nice foundation, because firstly I have very very light skin, secondly I do not have big budget to get any high end foundation (which would be awesome) and lastly I have a bit of oily yet as well very dry skin. I have been looking for affordable drugstore foundation, and I saw on Youtube that many people were telling Fit Me foundation by Maybelline is a good product. So, I decided to try it out. I got it in the lightest shade I guess, I was a bit nervous at first, because I thought it would look orange on my face. But it does not, it covers really well. Overall, I am pretty happy with this so far.


And for the last things, are those university supplies I got for myself. I got these two very glittery, rose gold and silver, notebooks. And the box of cute rubbers – because why not if they are pink? Haha! I found the most gorgeous notebooks I have ever had I guess. Bought all these supplies in the store, which is called Flying Tiger.

And that’s it for today! Hopefully you had amazing November, and will have a great December. Personally, I was very busy in November with work and university, I also got ill for some time, had fewer for like a week. I hope you liked this post! Bye!

What were your favorite founds in November?


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