3 FAVOURITE eyeshadow palettes


I made myself a makeup wishlist recently, but I thought it would be fun to share with You, the eyeshadow palettes that I put in my wishlist! I do not own these (YET) but I REALLY wanna buy them all some day. I am so much into eyeshadow palettes – if I had enough money I would go crazy and buy myself too many. But unfortunately, I am just a university student and with my part time costumer service job salary I can’t afford myself as much as I would want to, anyway.

HUDA BEAUTY: Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition

Honestly, honestly, honestly I love this palette SO MUCH! I think these colour are absolutely amazing and exactly my kind of shades. I have been looking loads of videos on Youtube and Instagram, seeing how people create stunning eye looks with this palette. And I am so in love with this! However, as much as I wish to own this palette, I find it’s price a little bit too expensive. I know – it’s an high end product and most probably it will be worth of it. But it is a price only for the shades, packageing and brand name. I would be more happy if there was a brush or mirror in this set, but they aren’t, that’s why I find the price (~66 euros) a little bit too expensive.hhhh

Anyway, I wish that some day I will be able to afford myself this! 


BH COSMETICS: Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette

This is a palette that I have been keeping my eye on for such a long time. It is not so expensive at all and the only reason why I haven’t got it in my hands is the shipping fee.  I just wait until BH Cosmetics make the international free shipping (hopefully it happens), because there are also many other products that I actually want to order. Especially Bubzbeauty eyeshadow palette. Those shades in the Galaxy Chic palette are maybe a little bit crazy for daily bases, however, I would love to play around with these. I think it’s an lovely palette!


It just looks so awesome and cool!


TOO FACED: Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

Too Faced has sooooooo many products that I absolutely love for a long time already.  But this chocolate bar is very special for me. Just look at those colours and shades – how adorable. I think it would be awesome palette for makeup beginners, because it has a lot how brownish shades, which are fine for creating everyday makeup look!


I am an chocolic and I love makeup! This palette is a must!


If I go crazy I would keep adding here many many other eyeshadow palettes – but trying to be realistic these three palettes are on the top of my eyeshadow palette wishlist currently. I guess I can buy the Galaxy Chic one and at least one of the high end palette, Huda or Too Faced one, in upcoming year.

Which are your favourtie eyeshadow palettes?

Cheers! Cinnamon.


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