What’s in my makeup bag?


I suppose every girl has her own makeup bag, where she drops in her most favourtie products of all time. Well, at least I do have one! I could have pretty much makeup products, but when I have to go to somewhere or when I know, that I have to do my makeup somewhere else than home, then I fill my makeup bag  with the most favourite products of mine. And I thought, I am goung to share with you all, what is in my makeup bag!


Of course, primer and foundtation are the first must have products in my makeup bag. I really love this Fix & Protect primer by Rimmer, because it when I apply it under the foundation it helps to create smooth look. This primer feels light and soft on my skin. The foundations I use are quite random, besides I run out of them SO FAST, currently I am into Fit Me foundation by Maybelline, but I am still looking for the perfect one.


There are definitely some (but for sure at least one) lipsticks in my makeup bag. Sometimes, I only take the one shade that I am wearing on, so I can fix it whenever it is needed. Very often I take my Bourjois Velvet lipstick (in the shade 15) with me, just in case, if I get in mood to have some red lips. Because, I love red lips so much! My current favorite  lipsticks are the Velvet liquid lipsticks by BYS, which both I actually recently bought. I really suggest to look up those BYS matte lipsticks, if you are a student like me and not rich enough for Kylie Cosmeticks, haha! I have tow shades: Bare Beauty (06) and Mystical Rose (08) – and honestly both of them are truly beautiful. Of course, you can’t expect such perfect high end quality from them (considering I got them for like 3.50 euros for each), I would need to fix them after eating – but not a big problem for me! And if I would like to have some lipgloss I would choose my Do Ya Pink I’m Sexy lipgloss by Flickable. Not to mention, the lollipop package looks adorable – the product itself is amazing as well. This lipgloss feels very soft and moisturizing and the texture is not sticky at all.


Although, I have my Urban Decay naked 3 palette, which I honestly use the most and has I have mentioned many times earlier – Naked 3 is my favourite palette. It is quite big to carry around with me. So usually, when I need to go somewhere and do my makeup, I would just drop this Natural Nudes eyeshadow palette by BeYu in my makeup bag. I also enjoy this palette a lot – it comes with cute purple’ish pink’ish shades and with a mirror. It has tiny eyeshadow brush in it as well (but nope, that does not work at all!). It has nice handy size, which is very great for travelling around. Two shades in this palette are quite similar to Naked 3’s Limit and Strange. For an drugstore palette I would say it is pretty good and surely does it’s work well – those shades are buttery and blend well.


Mascara is also a MUST! Although, I do not necessarily ALWAYS carry the eyeliners with me, pretty often I still drop them into my makeup up bag (well, just in case or so). I find  Carbon black eyeliner pen by GOSH really easy to use – it’s my current favourite. By the way, this is a mascara by Kleancolor (sorry it’s upside down in the photo), which I ordered from the website called missa.com for just 1$. It is an amazing mascara – I like it a lot!


I just can not imagine doing my makeup without this Duraline by Inglot anymore and this product SURELY ALWAYS goes into my makeup bag. Honestly, this amazing thing makes everything long lasting! I could add a drop into the eyeshadow, which is not good at all – but this product makes it all work! It gives a life to all my old eyeshadows. Sometimes, I even make eyeliners out of eyeshadows with this. And morover, I do not own any eyebrow product nowadays, so I just use this Duraline with the brown eyeshadow of my ebay palette and the result is amazing! I highly recommend everyone to look for this product, I believe it was around 12 euros and it is all worth of! I use it every single day!


Who does not love lip balms? There must be at least one in my makeup bag. I have got a lot of lip balms, basically I have one in my each handbag anyways and I have a lot of handbags. I do not have any favourite lip balm or something, I usually collect them for the for the cute packaging and then use some random one. 1484307856004

Those three sprays take huge spot in my makeup bag. I use rosewater by Joik to make my beautyblender wet. I just spray some of the rosewater to the beautyblender and it helps me to add foundation smoother. The makeup setting spray by BYS quite new thing in my makeup bag. So far I have been liking the product. And in the pink bottle I have argan oil for my hair, it is actuall nourishing argan oil of Morocco by Marc Anthony, but I have just put some of it into this pink travel size bottle, so it fits into my makeup bag as we15967528_750677298421154_547843893_o

That’s  pretty much all that I have in my makeup bag. Just two things I surely have more – some brushes and my makeup sponge. But these looked too dirty to click a photo of – so I’m sorry about that! Sometimes, I carry some blush or contouring tool with me too, some highlighter or corrector, but this really depends and these are not always included in the makeup bag. That’s why I did not mention these in the blog post. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Which products are your must haves in your makeup bag?

Have an amazing weekend,

See you soon!


5 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag?

  1. I use the FIT ME concealer by maybelline, I absolutely love it, and is also in my make up bag! I dont use foundation but if I did I’m sure I’d love their FIT ME on as well!!! That mascara packaging is so cool, I wanna try it just because of how cute it looks! Where do you get it from?

    xo, JJ

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