The secret of perfect makeup is good lighting…

Hello there,

To have my perfect makeup corner has been my very big dream for some time already. I got an makeup table already some time in last year, and ever since then I have been working with my makeup corner set up and decoration – I want everything to look good and pretty. I knew from the start, that I want some really good lighting near the mirror, as I knew lighting plays huge role while putting your makeup on. When I was searching lamps for my makeup table, I came across with a brand called Lamps4Makeup that sells lamps, which I thought would perfectly suit on my makeup table. So, I decided to order them, and now I even could not imagine doing my makeup without these lamps! Besides they look fabulous!


At first place I was a little bit confused about the lenght of those lamps, because their size is bigger than the mirror in my makeup table. When I sent the email to their company, asking about the lamps lenght, they explained me, that those lamps are measured out just to get flawless makeup. So, in the other words: if those bulbs were more closer to each other, the quality of lighting for makeup would not be so good. It seemed a vaild statement and I ordered the lamps anyway. And right after turning them on, I was so impressed! The lighting is just so good!


What I also enjoy about these lamps is that they were so easy to set up. Honestly, for me it took like under one minute. And theoretically, you could even carry them with you if needed.

I often makeup myself early in the morning, when it is still dark outside and I know how much struggle it is to find good lighting. My regular room lighting is kinda yellow-ish, and it has been always very difficult to apply foundation smoothly. The warm regular home lighting is actually not good for putting makeup on at all, because makeup actually needs colder lighting tones. I have never got my foundation on so evenly as now when I have thse lamps for makeup. I could literally see my face so well, and notice when foundation has left some darker spots on my skin. And plucking eyebrows has never been so easy – I can see all the small eyebrow hair that I was not able to pluck out before. untitled-design-6

I ordered my lamps on website lamps4makeup, and I am all happy with the product. These lamps are made in Estonia, but I think they also ship worldwide, as I quickly checked on their homepage. However, in generally, I really recommend to invest in some good makeup lighting. Honestly, it is going to be worthy, regardless if you use makeup just on daily bases or when it’s your bigger passion. I put on makeup almost everyday and I also work on my blog, and secretly wish to take some makeup courses near in the future. So I really really think that these lamps were one of the best purchase I have done lately!


To make you clearly understand how good the lighting actually is I clicked two photos of myself. On the left side, I turned off my makeup lamps and this photo is clicked just in the regular loom lighting. But on the right side, I turned on the makeup lights – as you can see – the difference between these two lightings is huge! In this photo I have my lazy day makeup as I was home all day – just eyebrows dyed, foundation lipstick and mascara on.

Do you use any special/professional lighting for makeup?

I hope you enjoyed my post and see you all soon,



7 thoughts on “The secret of perfect makeup is good lighting…

  1. The title of this post along with this post is EVERYTHING! Lighting is everything, you are so right! I’ve been seeing insta posts and snapchat posts of celebrities using this type of lighting when getting ready and you can seriously see the huge difference! Even on your before and after picture, that lighting is so perfect! Ah now I’m inspired to get my own lol

    xo, JJ

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