It smells so fruity floral…..


It’s been a while since my last post was published again. February started already too quickly, and without actually realizing the month is in it’s half way. It has been a very busy month for me again, new semester in university and trying to manage it with my job.

However today I came here to talk about my favorite perfumes and body sprays! And before to start it let it to be said – I am all into sweet, fruity floral, girly perfumes.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell


It’s no secret that my (and many other people) most favorite spray is Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret. When I first time used it, the smell made me feel so good – it is extremely fruity, sweet and lasts very long. I loved it since the first time I tried it on.  Although, it is not so unique and many many girls do use it, or had this spray at some time in their lives. However, no matter how many different sprays I did try, I still wanted to go back for this one. I am under it’s spell – it’s like a safe choice for me. I got my Love Spell in old package yet, but nowadays Victoria’s Secret is selling the same spray in new and even more beautiful package.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy


Midnight Fantasy has been one of my favorite perfumes for years again – even though I bought this one recently. It’s very sweet and strong smelling perfume, so I would not like to use it on daily bases. However, it is a perfect perfume for some evening event. I have tried so many different perfumes, but I still love this one the most.

MOSCHINO Pink Bouquet


Another fruitly floral perfume that I love – but I feel like it’s rather lightly sweet and very gentle. I have own this one for couple of years already, I do not use this one so often either – it is rather my summer perfume. I do not know why – but it seems so summery for me. It’s a prefume that I can not use for long time, and then when I use it again, I am so obsessed with this again. However, I actually really really love it’s smell.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue


Classic! This is a perfume that I love to wear everyday – and I am about to run out of this bottle. It lasts so long and I would never get bored of this perfume. It’s such a classic and elegant perfume. I bought this  even without smelling, just reading reviews online and I have to say – I was not disappointed. I love it!

What are your favorite perfumes?



4 thoughts on “It smells so fruity floral…..

  1. Very nice blog post. I want to smell this victoria’s secret love spell, the packaging and the bottle itself is very inviting,but i think the midnight fantasy looks wonderful aswell. Anyway,
    Great blog, great posts and great photos. A job well done👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oh yesss love spell has been/still is a total fave of mine. Huge staple, which reminds me I need a new bottle of it stat! And total throwback with the Britney Spears, omg I forgot about her fragrance line, I was obsessed with it. I used to use the pink bottled one of that although the midnight was a close second!!!

    xo, JJ


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