About Cinnamon

Hey hey!

You have no idea how grateful I am to have you guys here, every like, follow and comment could be a small step for you, but takes a big place in my heart. I am very proud of my blog, yes I know well, it is galaxies away from perfection, it is not the modern regular beauty blog, but it’s my own,it’s our. I created this dear one to leave my thoughts here. Thank you all for making it alive, without you, it would be just a page, without life! Thanks for bringing life here!

Oh well, my name by the way is Esther. I am 20 years old currently and I am living in Estonia. I was born here. English is not my native language as you can understand, however I like to write in English. I feel comfortable about it, although I could make mistakes. I will do mistakes. Mercy, please!

When people ask me question “who are you?” I like to answer that I am an artist. In my heart I am an artist – of course not the professional one. But everything I do in life, I do it with my artistic soul, I love to paint and draw as well. Besides, I have graduates 7 year studies in art school. I am also very much into cooking, especially baking – food art. I love makeup art! I adore all kind of art! Writing for me is art.

And I am a cat person, definitely. I love those warm furry creatures so much. In general, I love animals a lot.